April 8, 2020

The benefits of labour hire in a difficult economy

If you’ve never used labour hire to boost your workforce, you might not be aware of its advantages. A flexible workforce can be beneficial for your business, particularly in difficult economic conditions.

Labour hire allows employers to access temporary or short-term workers, and taking advantage of the benefits of labour hire allows you to save time and money while remaining flexible as the economic landscape changes.

Why your business should consider using labour hire.

Adding labour hire to your recruitment mix can benefit your business in many ways.

Get the right skills and experience 

Labour hire gives you to access to candidates who are qualified for the job at hand and ready to start straight away. It can also provide you with a good opportunity to assess a candidate while deciding if they’re the right fit for your business ongoing.

Save time and money

Labour hire allows you to better manage your staffing and workload balance, remaining flexible to keep hiring costs low. Your business may benefit from additional staff during peak production times, or look to scale back when economic conditions change. Labour hire also saves time spent on training – you can hire a candidate capable of doing the job straight away, or fill a particular skill shortage.

Streamline the recruitment process

Sourcing and screening candidates can be a time-consuming process. Labour hire agencies like Stockdale manage the hiring process for you, taking care of administrative tasks related to hiring staff including wages, paperwork, and recruitment.

Choosing the right labour hire agency.

The benefits of using labour hire might be clear, but how do you choose the right labour hire agency for your business? When choosing a labour hire agency, you should look for:

  • Industry experience – someone who understands your business and industry requirements.
  • Candidate knowledge — a team who understand the strengths and skills of each candidate.
  • Availability — not everything goes to plan. How will they support you when things go wrong?
  • An emphasis on health and safety and a desire to work with both candidates and clients to manage this.

How Stockdale Personnel can help you.

Whether you require long or short-term labour hire, the team at Stockdale can connect you with candidates who have the skills and experience your business needs.

We aim to create long-term partnerships with our clients by providing tailored staffing solutions. With extensive industry experience and 24-hour support, Stockdale is well placed to assist with your staffing requirements in the print and logistics industries.


To find out more about how Stockdale’s staffing solutions can benefit your business, contact our team today.

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