January 4, 2021

Tips to get your job application noticed

Before you press ‘submit’ on your job application, how can you give your application the best possible chance to get noticed? We’re sharing these five great tips to help your next application stand out from the crowd.


Here are our top five tips to give your next application the best chance at success:


  1. Present a clear, concise and well-structured CV and cover letter. Make it stand out with simple presentation, make sure it is easy to read and use relevant keywords directly related to the role – it’s important to do your research first!
  2. Apply for roles relevant to your experience, or be able to demonstrate why your experience is relevant to the role. Your CV tells a story and the reason for your application needs to be clear.
  3. Have a great LinkedIn profile. Keep it up to date, ensure that it ties in with your CV and cover letter and include recommendations.
  4. Call the recruiter to have a chat. It helps to introduce yourself and take the opportunity to find out more about the role to tailor your application, or even decide if the role is right for you. The recruiter is more likely to remember your name and appreciate you taking the time to express your interest. It pays to connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn where possible.
  5. Follow up with the recruiter or hiring manager to see how your application is going by leaving a short voicemail or sending an email. It shows that you are interested, but be mindful of how many applications they may receive and acknowledge this – “I  understand you are busy…”


Preparation is key to submitting an eye-catching, professional job application. Make yours stand out and give yourself the best chance possible – best of luck!


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